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by Edward K. Brown II

"Thanks. As mentioned earlier, I have been writing for some time--and in writing there are many factors that complicate one's work. Life, for me anyway, is the same way. There are factors. And I take those factors and I log them in a collection I call My Journal of Experience. This poem is called 'The P Factor.'" [Listen , 0.75MB <explicit>]

The streets are filled--
All eyes, all I's.

Walk, do not run.
You cannot hide.
All eyes, all I's.

C'mon, c'mon--
That's what you got to do.
All eyes, all I's

The hustle and bustle--
Need some muscle?
Baby, I'm all eyes, all I's.

Life at the Center
Ain't gettin' any better--
Sad eyes, sad I's.

Grass roots getting trimmed--
Public welfare slimmed--
Hurt eyes, hurt I's.

Egos clashing--
Tongue's lashing--
All eyes, all I's.

Human confrontation--
Potential escalation--
Angry eyes, angry I's.

Taps, tapes,
Psychological rapes--
Romantic lies, all I's.

I be fucked--
Closed eyes, closed eyes.

Congressional hearings--
Judgmental bearings--
All ayes for ayes.

Catch 22's--
Singin' the Blues--
Be wise all I's
'Cause they can
Getcha, gotcha, good!

OOOHHH within these eyes,
"Oh say, can you see?"

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Copyright © by Edward K. Brown II
P.O. Box 2160
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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