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From Society, to the City, to Culture Again
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From Society--
Born among the national Average,
Compared and contrasted,
Added and subtracted
To equal many:
One Establishment,
Whole(ly) modern modernity--
Not necessarily--
The aesthetic becomes the country:
Meta-et cetera.

To the city--
One becomes a meager meaner,
And a bit more spiteful too;
Daily postmodern/modernity;
The marginal;
To reap the aesthetic
And rape the rear--
Guard the institution,
Double code
Sect by sect
Pillage the pilgrimage--
With new found fiction
From past structures
Of similar sanity,
Of similar plague,
Of similar language
"Qua, qua, qua."
"Qua, qua, qua;"

To culture again--
Not to appear--
As virulent as once thought:

-- Edward K. Brown II


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Copyright © by Edward K. Brown II
P.O. Box 2160
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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