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Welcome to Multimanifestations -- variations on a singular interdisciplinary theme: tradition-philosophy-democracy-psychology. This theme can be used to assist in communicating clearly one's thoughts and opinions as well as interpreting an other's thoughts and opinions regarding normalcy.  

As Is [Listen]

As now happens sooner than later
As delineated fate
As inheritance succeeds
As vintage progress
As ascendancy carries-on
As usual, the righteous glory of status
Is isolated in ideology
Is documented in lifestyle
Is honored in observation
Is a show pronounced
Is a stigma descended
Is progeny 'warped, preserved.

copyright © by Edward K. Brown II

Multimanifestations' primary goal is to provide paradigms that assist the reader to reDiscover, reDefine, reStore, and reVisit a normalcy that augments individuality and community.

This website is also an archive of my literary work.  In this website you will find essays, poetry, and fiction (prose as well as plays).  

Take your time in reviewing the materials within Multimanifestations. As always, your feedback is welcome.

Edward K. Brown II


Copyright © by Edward K. Brown II
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