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The Cerebral, the Visceral and the Cosmetic: Austere and Alchemic Stature
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by Edward K. Brown II

An individual aspires to obtain as well as uphold some form of stature within a community. To accomplish this aspiration, the individual designs and develops a persona that exudes an aesthetic reminiscent of the stature, be the aesthetic cerebral, visceral, cosmetic, or a combination thereof.

Taking an isolated look at each aesthetic, the individual who exudes a cerebral aesthetic wants the community to recognize stature as a dimension of calibre, as a measure of one's volition. To obtain and uphold this form of stature, the individual identifies and displays a gnosis, the content (in mind) that designs and develops the persona: an intellectual archetype with cognitive attributes; a character conveyed through orality as mused by the written or spoken word.

Likewise, the individual exuding a visceral aesthetic wants the community to empathize with a stature as measured by one's somatic posture, which is a dimension of magnitude. The individual identifies and displays a mammonism, the conduct (of the body) that designs and develops the persona: an instinctual archetype with behavioral attributes; a character portrayed through gesticulanomy ("body language") as exercised by movement to obtain and uphold this form of stature.

Also, the individual who exudes a cosmetic aesthetic wants the community's attention, have them recognize as well as empathize stature as a measure of one's repute, which is a dimension of eminence. The individual identifies and displays a dilettantism to obtain and uphold this form of stature.  A persona is designed and developed for the congeniality of the mind and body, emphasizing the conveyance and the portrayal of a character through genius as promoted by fashion-an archetype with popular attributes.

The individual secures the realization of stature in the community by either engraining (cognitively), enabling (behaviorally), or engaging (popularly) a persona via a sophistication: through a gnosis as gauged by the claibre of volition; and/or a mammonism as poised by the magnitude of somatic posture; and/or a dilettantism as appraised by the eminence of reputation.

In contrast, the community spurs the individual's credibility, the level of sophistication, which prompts the development of a complex in the individual's exuded aesthetic. The individual's persona is viewed as having either an austere or alchemic stature, is viewed as either protagonistic or antagonistic by the public.

This essay examines how stature is designed by a sophistication of reality and developed by a measure of credibility. The essay explores how stature is a collection of archetypes (characters) (con)figured into a persona (identity) so to ultimately maintain a sound mind and body.

Download entire document.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat.)

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