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The Preservation of Fallibility in the Household and Contemporary Art
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by Edward K. Brown II

Mannerisms--the formulation of modus operandi systems (MOS), the reinforcement of expression cast by cognizance, by impressions of knowledge--are manifested synergistically or symbiotically in the shifts in the imitative exchanges between individual behavior-cognition within a peer group.

Founded upon laurels (rites of passage) introduced by heritage, mannerisms perpetuate equivocate the surrounding environment and tectonic territories. Heritage controls what is considered to be spiritual and meaningful to an individual and/or peer group, and serve as the rudiment to the standards or attitudes, which predicate the laurels perfection and beauty. Standards and attitudes are set by inciting the individual and/or peer group to compete for laurels. This incitement is a competition for the freedom to act upon heritage.

Competition for freedom is the championing of flawlessness which by de facto or de jure constitution declares a hegemony that determines the manner in which relations are to be conducted, determines what is to be mainstream and marginal behavior-cognition during the time of occupancy in a particular space.

While there are ominous conflagrations throughout society concerning the appropriation of perfection and attention given to beauty, there are no more or less mannerist situations than in the household and contemporary art.

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