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Free Associations: Cooperative Interaction
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by Edward K. Brown II

Absolute certainty is a misnomer; however, there are optional opinions. Optional opinions are beliefs based on certain knowledge. Beliefs are associations to conditions, are an individual's (psychological) effect to (traditional, philosophical, democratic) causes during interaction. Knowledge is a convention of wisdom, is the individual's explanation, justification, and/or rationalization of what occurs during an interaction. Therefore, optional opinions are conditions freely associated to a convention of wisdom; optional opinions are perceived effects to causes that are based on certainties derived from an explanation, justification and/or rationalization of a situation encircling an interaction.

Optional opinions catalyze relationships. Relationships are situated by cooperative interaction, and are relative to layers of cooperation that link a type of knowledge consistent with a belief. The layers of cooperation that serve as a portal for certainty are personal, professional, and political.

Building relationships requires interacting on the various layers. There is a simplistic understanding between individuals who interact on a single layer, however, in most situations, interaction tends to occur on more than one layer and thus understanding is more circuitous.

By exploring the permutational paradigms of layering personal, professional and political cooperation through interaction, this essay will discuss the simplicity and circuity of understanding the optional opinions presented within free associations.

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