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Multimanifestations [listen] is a series of living paradigms. These living paradigms serve as a means to study and interpret culture and art from a local as well as global perspective.

Locally and globally there is a call to derive a cross-cultural theory that protects diverse interests. Multimanifestations discuses what the author considers to be the behavioral and cognitive consistencies between (developing/modern/postmodern) individuals, peer groups, and communities.

This collection of essays intends to expose the commonality in how we are defined by past, present and projected experiences, and how we manipulate our similarities to ensnare meaning, and elicit difference.

Multimanifestations is variations on a singular interdisciplinary theme: tradition-philosophy-democracy-psychology. This theme assists in understanding clearly one's thoughts and opinions as well as assist in interpreting an other's. Hence, this project's primary goal is to elucidate the makings of Society as we the people oscillate between private and public life.

What makes Multimanifestations current in regards to the needs of the pending future is the fact that the theories presented in the book are completely malleable and formfitting; there are no systemic limits.

Multimanifestations' inexhaustibility stems from the vitality of everyday occurrences that are to be filtered through the reader as based on his/her life experience, not the author's. The author does not tell the reader what to believe; the reader is encouraged to (re/de)construct a perspective based on his/her own (traditional, philosophical, democratic and psychological) preferences.

The goal of Multimanifestations is to create a fluid, integrated system that provides the individual reader (thus peer group and community) with the ability to maintain a (his/her) own status quo.

-- Edward K. Brown II [listen]


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